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What Happens if an ATA Carnet Document is Lost?

Last updated on January 15th, 2020

Life happens. Documents get lost. In the event that your ATA Carnet Document is lost, damaged or misplaced over the course of the 12 month span in which it is active, there is an option to request and obtain a Duplicate ATA Carnet. A Duplicate ATA Carnet does not change the expiration date or original terms of the agreement. It is designed to pick up where the original documentation left off. This is a necessary option for importing or re-exporting ATA Carnet goods in a timely manner that maximizes the original 12 month eligibility period should the original carnet document become unavailable.

Replacing an ATA Carnet can a costly and lengthy process and does not allow for any changes to the original terms. The original document must be duplicated,and the duplicate must then be shipped where it is needed in order to be validated under the terms of the original agreement. The ATA Carnet will remain valid for the original 12-month period that was on the green cover of the original version of the document. That means, if items are left in another country because you are missing documentation, and they are not imported back into the U.S. before the original expiration date, your company could be subject to costly fines.

In today’s increasingly digital world, misplacing a paper document is easy to do. The biggest issue this poses is that you, your customer or your shipment will literally be stuck and unable to clear Customs. Since the original ATA Carnet document must be present to enter or exit a foreign country, or re-enter the United States, it’s essential to obtain a Duplicate ATA Carnet when the original is lost, damaged or destroyed. Obtaining a Duplicate Carnet could cost your company anywhere from an additional $225 to $500 based on the standard basic fees applied.


In general, a standard ATA Carnet is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The expiration date is clearly listed on the green cover. Typically, ATA Carnet countries allow exports to stay in their economy for any period of time up to this expiration date. It is the full responsibility of the ATA Carnet holder to adhere to this expiration date and take note of any specific entry notes by customs officials in box 2 on the white importation counterfoil. This serves as a guide for how long items are permitted in a specific country.

Within the 12-month period, it is possible that the original documentation is misplaced, damaged or stolen. Purchasing lost document coverage is a great option to protect your ATA Carnet and ensure you maximize the full 12 months. This option is available only at the original time of application and provides a simple and inexpensive way to eliminate the potential risks associated with the loss of this documentation.

Roanoke offers this Lost Document Coverage for only a $35 charge and it ensures in the event your ATA Carnet is lost or destroyed, you can get a replacement issued quickly and shipped to you at no additional cost. This is beneficial for maximizing the entirety of your 12-month period and it safeguards your items from getting stuck in an ATA Carnet country passed the expiration date.

Ultimately, the ATA Carnet Lost Document insurance coverage is designed to provide you with a safety net in the event that the worst happens. The general nature of an ATA Carnet is typically well planned, and ensuring you have the documentation you need to keep things moving is an essential piece of the puzzle.


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