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Roanoke COVID-19 Response

Last updated on October 14th, 2020


In order to operate safely and responsibly for our employees, clients and partners during the COVID-19 impact, most of our employees will begin working from home until further notice. Thankfully, we are fully prepared! We have laptops, VPN, office phone routing, mobile phones and other mobility to maintain “business as usual” which will provide you with the service and support you deserve and require.  

Client applications such as FastBond®, CarnetsOnline®, Coveragedock®, and PolicyTrack® are all still available 24/7 as well as technical support. ATA Carnet office pick-up will NOT be available until further notice but we will provide next day delivery. ATA Carnet Replacements will be issued as high priority to extend stays in foreign countries. 

To be clear, your Roanoke Service Team will be available during normal business hours via phone, email and 1-800-ROANOKE (762-6653). You may also contact team members via their mobile phones, and managers’ mobile numbers are collected here for your convenience. If you feel there is any breakdown in communication or service during this time please contact me personally. 

We are committed to our employees, clients and communities. Thank you for your understanding, partnership and continued business. 


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