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NCBFAA Scholarship Award 2021

Roanoke Insurance Group, Inc. is very pleased to announce the 2021 recipient of the annual NCBFAA Scholarship Award. This year the award is presented to Ms. Daniela Piperno. Ms. Piperno is currently enrolled at Kean University in its BA program in Supply Chain and Information Management.

The winning essay is titled, “Is the USMCA an improvement of NAFTA? If so, how, if not, why?”

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Ms. Piperno is committed to her studies in supply chain and information management. She states,

“Advancing my studies in supply chain management will help me to further understand more how my organization operates as a whole and will allow me to enhance my value-add to the organization.”

Roanoke Insurance Group has been sponsoring this $5,000 scholarship award for over two decades. The purpose of the scholarship is to help members of our industry — including Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders and others involved with international trade — achieve their goals in furthering their education.

Roanoke’s President, Karen Groff remarked,

“The professional support and comradery that exists within the NCBFAA has enabled so many of us to grow and develop in our careers. A scholarship opportunity for its members and members’ families seems like an appropriate way to give back. Roanoke thanks the NCBFAA for the opportunity to contribute in this way and we congratulate Daniela.

The scholarship was set up to help cover the costs of higher education including tuition, student housing, books and materials and other items essential to learning.

Daniela is originally from Rome, Italy. In 2003 she had the opportunity to move to New York City for an internship at a shipping company. This later turned into a full-time job and put her on the path to a career in logistics.

The team at Roanoke is once again thrilled to support the ongoing training and development of our industry members and their families. It’s not too soon to start working on next year’s application and essay.