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Is Your Company Protected from the Threat of Cyber-Attacks?

Recently Roanoke’s VP of Client Development, Richard Bridges, published a compelling article tackling cyber-attacks in CNS Air Cargo Focus. Deeply involved in international trade and insurance for more than 18 years, Rick is no stranger to issues of cybersecurity.

Every company, industry, and institution is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Ransomware has exploded and hackers are exploiting the plethora of options they now have to access your company’s sensitive and confidential information. From healthcare institutions to your transportation and logistics providers, everyone is at risk of a data breach.

The article highlights some valuable defense mechanisms companies can use to fight back:


  1. Employee education
  2. Network segmentation
  3. Up-to-date anti-malware software
  4. SSL encryptions on all sensitive information
  5. Backing up confidential information locally, offsite and in the cloud
  6. Investing in cyber insurance to cover the costs of a breach


Cybercriminals are known to target transportation and logistics providers because they are able to intercept the time and place that large deliveries are being made or when shipments may be left unattended. Organized cargo theft rings are happy to take advantage of companies who do not effectively protect themselves from ransomware threats.

We encourage each and every one of our customers to read Rick’s article so you can learn more about how your company may be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and how you can do everything in your power to prevent them from happening in your business.

Read the full article from Rick in CNS Air Cargo Focus, here.