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Domestic Cargo Insurance

Last updated on April 6th, 2021

Most cargo insurance policies are broad enough to cover transport by ground, ocean or air in the United States and across international borders. This allows transport and logistics companies to obtain full cargo insurance coverage for the clients in a single policy. However, not every cargo owner working with a logistics company requires this extensive travel. How can domestic logistics companies mitigate risk to cargo for their clients? Domestic cargo insurance is a type of cargo coverage designed to specifically protect the owner’s financial interest in cargo during domestic transport.

How Does Domestic Cargo Insurance Protect Your Clients?

As a professional in the transport or logistics industry working with domestic shippers, you assume responsibility to advise your clients of the best way to safely and effectively transport their goods via road, rail, or domestic air carrier. One aspect of advising the cargo owner is to offer to provide them with domestic cargo insurance. The cargo policy will make your client whole in the event that they suffer loss or damage to cargo. Without domestic cargo insurance in place, the domestic shipper has no legal recourse except to sue the carrier or even you, the logistics service provider, in order to try to recoup their losses. With the cargo policy in place, the insurance company pays the claim and handles any appropriate legal action against a negligent carrier.

Understanding the risks specific to your clients and the amount of domestic cargo insurance needed for your business is a question best posed to an experienced domestic cargo insurance broker, like Roanoke.

Roanoke: Your Domestic Cargo Insurance Broker

At Roanoke, we believe your cargo insurance should be tailored to your business. We fully believe that you should fully protect your business, but that doesn’t mean you should pay for policies and coverage you don’t need. Our domestic cargo insurance program is an example of this commitment to specialized and personalized cargo insurance.

Find out more about our domestic cargo insurance and services as a domestic cargo insurance broker by contacting Roanoke at 1-800-ROANOKE or complete the contact form located above.