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Inland Marine for Transportation & Logistics

Last updated on October 30th, 2014

Inland Marine insurance is designed to cover a variety of property risks that may be mobile in nature or have special valuation requirements. At Roanoke, we specialize in securing the key Inland Marine policies for the transportation and logistics providers. This includes everything from Motor Truck Cargo to cover goods of others while in transit including loading and unloading while the insured is acting as a common or contract carrier; Warehouse Legal Liability, which provides third-party coverage that responds when a warehouse operator’s failure to exercise reasonable care in the handling and storage of a customer’s goods results in loss of, or damage to, those goods; and Contingent Cargo, which protects you in the event the carrier’s insurance fails to respond to a claim.

Other examples of Inland Marine policies that we write include equipment floaters to protect against loss or damage to electronic data processing equipment and media owned, leased or used by the insured; and Valuable Papers & Records, to pay the cost to reconstruct damaged or destroyed valuable papers and records

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