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Air Cargo Insurance

Air transport is steadily becoming a more economical and efficient way to ship goods around the world. Importers, exporters, and the logistics companies that support them are turning to air transport to cut transport times and eliminate certain risks associated with ocean and ground travel. Yet, air transport has certain risks of its own, which are addressed through a specific type of cargo insurance called air cargo insurance.


What Is Covered By Air Cargo Insurance?

All cargo transportation and shipping comes with inherent risks. Cargo insurance is designed to mitigate some of those risks and protect a transporter from the substantial costs of lost, destroyed, or damaged freight. Whether you are shipping cargo by ocean, ground, or air carrier, cargo insurance is meant to cover the cargo owner’s financial loss in the event of an accident such as a fire, collision or crash, as well as theft, and a number of other causes of loss. The exact perils covered by air cargo insurance are stated in your specific policy, which should be issued by an air cargo insurance broker who understands how best to cover risks to good in transit by air carrier.

The focus of air cargo insurance policies provided by brokers such as Roanoke is to provide the broadest coverage terms to secure the cargo owner against losses in the course of air transit. Our customizable and specific air cargo insurance programs cover losses associated with damage, theft, or other physical loss to cargo.

Air cargo insurance from Roanoke and other types of cargo insurance cover more than the cost of merchandise or commercial goods. It can also save the cargo owner the significant cost of prosecuting a claim against a carrier. However, not every air cargo insurance broker offers the same policy and quality of service, which is why you deserve the assistance of an expert in the transportation industry.


Find Specialized Air Cargo Insurance with Roanoke

At Roanoke, you’ll find an air cargo insurance broker that knows your industry and wants to know the specific risks of your company. We understand the intricacies of the transportation process and the risks associated with moving cargo, and our expertise is there to serve you better. Our air cargo insurance programs are specialized to cover the particular risks of your business in a manner that is both comprehensive and cost-effective.

Learn more about our air cargo insurance and other transport insurance policies when you contact us at 1-800-ROANOKE or complete the contact form located above.