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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Superior Brokerage Services has been using Roanoke for our bond and marine insurance needs for over 20 years. Stability, consistency, creativity, and excellent customer service are the words that come to mind when I think about how Roanoke serves our needs at Superior Brokerage Services. As the needs of our clients have grown more complex over the past several years, people like David Pasco and Janeen Brazier have been there every step of the way to get us through some very challenging times.
- Paul Johnson - Sr. Vice President | Superior Brokerage Services, Inc.
The crew & equipment returned safely in mid-February from Indonesia. As always, thank you very much for your patience and consideration for our turnaround times. I would say that you are largely the reason why the logistics of our shoots have been so successful. - CW
- Hsin-Ya
I am very happy with the service Zoi has given me. Zoi handled my emails and questions so fast I might as well have been in a face to face meeting. I was under significant time restraints which Zoi not only responded quickly to, but communicated to with every team member that helped get the job done. Thank you all!
- Jesse Taub - Franklin Manufacturing
Jeannette, thank you all, for always responding to my questions and concerns. Roanoke has excellent customer service which is so very RARE these days.
- Melony Holcombe - MHL Transport
Sheila, I had one of my export administrators test out KnowledgePort and complete the Cargo Insurance Basics. She enjoyed taking it and described it as very interactive, and fun! You don’t hear that often.
- Pat Fosberry - Director of Export Compliance | John S. James Co.
Candece Perry: Your expertise never ceases to amaze me. You are an incredible resource for me and my customers – thank you.
- Tom Cross - Owner Stevens Global
Wow Danielle, you work fast! Thank you very much for your prompt attention regarding this Broker of Record change for Orbotech. I appreciate everything you, Dominica and Rick do for me. This is why I’ve been using Roanoke and only Roanoke for 35 years. Roanoke is second to none!
- Steve Pesce, Senior Vice President
I wanted to reach out to inform you of how amazing the Roanoke team really are. I had a short turnaround and needed to get an ATA Carnet in the hands of my producer who was traveling internationally with a lot of film equipment. Hsin-Ya Hou in the New York office assisted me until work ended on the east coast and then she passed me along to Candece Perry in Long Beach. She not only helped me understand the process of submitting the application, but she also calmed me down when I went into a blind panic. The following morning Hsin-Ya noticed an error and immediately fixed it so I could have the Carnet in my hands by my deadline. I don’t know what I would’ve done without these incredible women.
- Gina Amico, Associate Producer - Efranfilms
Courtney, I have to say that everyone at Roanoke has been so great to work with. I can see that everyone is knowledgeable, professional and thorough, not to mention extremely “customer focused.” These qualities, to find them at all levels, no matter who we are dealing with, is very rare. I appreciate the time that all of you took to understand our business and to find solutions that fit our needs, rather than just fit us in a box. I can not convey the respect and confidence that I have in Roanoke which is based upon the level of service that we have received from you and Naomi, along with your knowledge and follow through. I am guessing that this permeates throughout the Roanoke company.
- Susan Williamson, President
Platinum Global Sourcing
I wanted to let you know of the wonderful level of customer service that Kelli has delivered to the urgent need to process five carnets for our customer. Wonderful service means: quickly setup the account to process the applications, patience galore, seems to not let anything stand in her way, always pleasant to talk with and a great listener. Roanoke has a great person on their team and thought you should know that.
- Michael Ford, Chief Compliance Officer
BDP International
Roanoke has greatly facilitated the electronic bond process for system users regardless of bond type and has also provided a seamless transition during the migration of the U.S. Customs Automated Commercial System (ACS) to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). Service is always quick, reliable and professional at Roanoke. While electronic capabilities and enhancements are critical for the expeditious processing of shipments, human involvement cannot be ignored. I know that the Roanoke team is always available to provide the support required to take care of anything we may need. So I must say, thank you Roanoke for everything that you have done for us in over 30 years of our business partnership.
- Reinaldo Rodriguez, Executive Vice President
Customs and Trade Services, Inc.
We at Imperial Freight Brokers have had the pleasure of working with the Roanoke team for over 20 years and it’s been an absolute joy! The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to assist no matter how small or large the request. In addition to the Insurance Group, we also frequently use the FastBond™ program which is very user-friendly. During the transition from ACS to ACE, Roanoke adopted the new system quickly and efficiently. The process to issue a single bond or a continuous bond is instantaneous and the entire team deserves credit for implementing the process seamlessly from the user’s perspective. We cannot imagine working with another company for our insurance and bonding needs.    
- Ralph De La Rosa, President and CEO
Imperial Freight Brokers
Working with Roanoke has been one of the easiest transitions I’ve ever experienced in this business.
- Carol Bechtel (LCHB), Operations Manager
CB Customs Brokerage Services LLC
After reflecting on the past year and looking forward to a prosperous 2016, I wanted to take a brief moment to thank you and your staff at Roanoke Insurance Group for all that you have done for Welke Customs Brokers USA Inc for the past few years and continue to do today.  The work that you have done has greatly increased our brand recognition in our target markets of Western New York, North East Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and Southern Ontario to a level which we could not have achieved with the resources that we have in house at Welke. It is seldom that you find a vendor that is dedicated and focused on the success of a client as Roanoke Insurance Group has been for us. Welke Customs Brokers USA Inc would not have experience the level of growth over the past few years without your support. It is with great pleasure that I am presenting Roanoke Insurance Group with our "2015 Vendor of the year award". Thank you for all that you do for us. We are looking forward to continued success and growth together in the coming years.  
- Damon Piatek, President/CEO
Welke Customs Brokers USA Inc
La Donna, Kathleen, Sheila and Joe, Thank you all so very much for taking the time to visit with me and Teddie. I so appreciate all you do for me and my company. Look forward to our continued business relationship.
- Norma Payne, President
D.I.F. Inc Friendly Freight
We at Pioneer appreciate everything you do for us. I've been a Roanoke supporter for over 30 years because it's a pleasure working with the staff and the level of service provided is second to none…Just a quick note on how wonderful Dominica has been over the years and a pleasure to work with. Usually we only hear the bad things from our customers or clients so it's nice hear nice things once in a while. I thought this was the perfect moment to praise Dominica for going above and beyond as always for us.
- Steve C. Pesce, Licensed Customs Broker
Pioneer Int’l Corp.
FastBond through the new eBond environment has saved our staff time and in our business time equates to money. The user interface is intuitive and our staff has made a simple transition into the new environment. We have issued both eSTB (ACE Cargo Release) and eCTB and the process is very simple and seamless. Underwriter review, when required, is quick allowing us to keep the process flowing.
- Adam Hill, Vice President, Operations
Scarbrough, International
As a quickly expanding company we value Roanoke’s common sense approach to business. Roanoke is always extremely responsive and available whenever guidance is necessary and has provided us with the capabilities and expertise to become a stronger company.  We look forward to strengthening the relationship with Roanoke as we continue to grow.
- Brandon Kraal, Director of Operations
We selected Roanoke as our provider based on our long established relationship and best references within industry circles. Our experience with Roanoke has been very positive because the entire team is very professional and responsive at all times. I feel like the Roanoke Team in Miami treats the local branch as if it was their own company... they think like owners not like employees in the traditional sense. Roanoke truly values their customers and are very responsive to our needs. They provide us consistently excellent customer service. They are proactive, are not afraid to make decisions and are not perfect but when there is a problem will concentrate on the solution rather than the problem.
- Global Transportation and Logistics Executive
Lilly & Associates International
John S. James Co. has partnered with Roanoke for over 30 years and I've come to depend on their professional and personable services for marine insurance, bonds and carnets to best serve our clients and company needs. Through their active involvement in national and local organizations, educational outreach, and their immediate availability to answer any questions my staff and I have, our relationship with Roanoke is not just about business - it's personal.
- John S. James Co.
Pat Fosberry, Corporate Export Manager
Your team does an excellent job for us all the time and I really appreciate it. I have a lot of people always after me to give them our bond business because I have known quite a few of the players throughout the number of years I have been in the business, but my heart is with Roanoke.
- Bill Connolly, Director of Import Compliance

We’ve used a variety of Roanoke’s products and services for over 15 years and counting including Errors & Omissions coverage, Air and Marine Cargo Insurance and Customs Bond services just to name a few.

Staff members are consistently attentive and responsive to our needs offering quality service, which has enabled us to meet and exceed the high expectations of our clients.

To the entire Roanoke family, “Thank you for your contributions to our success.  Keep up the great work!”

- Jerry Becnel
J.W. Allen & Company, Inc
Roanoke provides the flexibility of “one stop” shopping when it comes to insuring risk. Domestic or international, rail, truck, vessel or air, regardless of location or mode, Roanoke always provides a solution for the exposure.
- Penny Wright, Sr. Manager Risk Service
BNSF Logistics
Having worked with Roanoke at a prior job when I started my own company I knew I would get the best service continuing my relationship with them. The industries my clients come from I am often faced with what some would consider unrealistic deadlines, Roanoke always delivers.  I have worked with Roanoke for over 15 years now and thanks to their service my business continues to grow.
- Tiffany Peterson, Owner
Carnets Xpress
I chose Roanoke for my insurance provider as they provide a complete policy, one that covers the freight not only in transit but during the event it is attending. Working with Roanoke is a pleasure, they respond in a timely manner and are very courteous and professional. I have recommend Roanoke to several companies and I let them know that the responses are quick, the service impeccable and the pricing is fair. Claims are paid in a timely manner if need be and Vlad is very easy to work with and always takes time out of his busy day to answer the questions I have already asked.
- Kimberly Kreider, Project Manager
EFM Event Logistics Inc.

I have worked with Roanoke in the past at previous employers, and the service was always excellent. The Entertainment Industry has an old Cliché: “The show must always go on.” Roanoke understands this and their no such thing as tomorrow attitude has helped us succeed in getting to the next show.

I feel that Roanoke is more of a Partner to us rather than just a vendor. People always make the difference, and theirs do in my eyes. We have been late submitting documents on several occasions due to reasons out of our control, and Roanoke has always made exceptions to accommodate our complex schedules.

- Kenneth Marshall, International Transportation Manager
Feld Entertainment
All of the representatives at Roanoke are very welcoming, responsible and organized individuals. They are always available to answer questions and they return phone calls/emails promptly. It is always a pleasure to work with them. If a potential client was not sure what company to use, I would tell them if they are looking for quality service and attention they should use Roanoke and I would provide them with my contacts there. I would take them to the website and show them how easy it is to navigate. Would help them set up an in-person meeting if they wanted.
- Hillary Dunckley, Shipping Coordinator, Jewelry Department

Freight Force, Inc. specifically selected Roanoke for our insurance needs based on its top notch staff with experience in the transportation industry. The reality is that there are different types of transportation providers resulting in different types of policies that can the written. With Roanoke, their experienced staff are able to identify the types of polices needed, the levels of coverage to meet our company’s needs and provide them at a competitive rate which is why we rely upon Roanoke year after year for our insurance needs.

Roanoke Service Representatives are outstanding professionals with a level of expertise we rely upon regularly. Our Roanoke Service Representatives are diligent, detailed and available when we need them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Roanoke to any company who asks. In fact, we have referred several companies over the years!

- Laurie Hamid, Vice President
Freight Force, Inc.

Pacific Logistics Corp has partnered with Roanoke for our cargo insurance needs for over 14 years. As our company has grown over the years, so has our relationship with the Roanoke Team. The level of service provided by the team at Roanoke is second to none. They are knowledgeable and accommodating – always willing to go the extra mile to make sure our needs are met and that the known variables, when dealing with cargo insurance, are clearly communicated and understood. It is truly a pleasure to work with Billie Sullivan and Gina Patterson, whether it is working on day-to-day items or special projects, they can be counted on to provide accurate, timely and relevant information.

- Deb Hetherington, Risk Management
Pacific Logistics Corp.
Roanoke Services, Inc., has been part of our organization for a number of years, 15+. We have been happy with their services. It has been a great pleasure working with the team at Roanoke. They have been exceptional in their services to us and are readily available to assist with our needs at the drop of a hat. As we have said above, we have worked with Roanoke for over 15 years. Their customer service is exceptional. I would encourage you to call upon the Roanoke staff members to see how they deliver. When we have needed them to deliver, they have. They make themselves available and do not paint themselves black or white. If something cannot be accomplished, they find a way to make it happen, based on the needs of business, knowing full well how demanding the scope of our industry is.
- Shannon Tilley-Seymour, Administrator, Risk Management
TransGroup Worldwide Logistics, Inc.

We selected Roanoke based on our past experience with Roanoke. Initially, we were referred to Glenn Patton due to past relationships with some of our colleagues. We have been with Roanoke for over 10 years.

Our experience working with Roanoke has been excellent. We always get quick, thorough, responses from the Roanoke staff members, regardless of the question or need.

If a potential client was on the fence about working with Roanoke, I would tell them I am speaking from the voice of experience. A customer who has been with them for over 10 years has had a lot of experience working with them and continues to work with them because of their knowledge, their expertise, their customer service, and their quick responsiveness. They couldn’t go wrong working with Roanoke Services.

Insurance is a topic no one wants to think about until they need it. It’s not always an easy subject to understand and most of us reach out to the experts for guidance. The people at Roanoke Services are the experts in the industry.

- Ginger Bartlett, Director of Operations
ICAT Logistics, Inc.
My experience over the last 10 years has only been a positive one. The team of Roanoke employees I work with are always professional, helpful and quick to respond. When they don’t know the answer to something they take the time to investigate the answer. I would tell any potential customer that they are going to be working with a competent group of professional people who care about your business.
- Beth Schwartz, Director of Human Resources and Compliance
BTX Global Logistics