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Freight Contracts Modified to Meet Ebola Exposure

Freight Contracts Modified to Meet Ebola ExposureFreight Contracts Modified to Meet Ebola Exposure

Trade associations within the shipping industry are changing their freight contracts to lower loss exposure for companies transporting cargo or traveling to countries affected by Ebola. The new contracts are designed to protect crews from contracting the virus and can lead to rerouting, delays and quarantines in port.

Intertanko, an association whose members own most of the global tanker fleet, has implemented an Ebola clause in its contracts stipulating its members’ ships will seek alterative ports of call should a risk to the health of the crew be identified. Charterers would be liable for costs should a vessel have to be quarantined.

Some shippers, however, are taking a simpler route, Reuters reports. The contracting parties have in some cases taken a war-risk clause and substituted the word “Ebola” for the word “war,” Intertanko’s general counsel Michele White told the news service. Such simplistic amendments could lead to ambiguities and liability disputes, she said.

BIMCO is treating the issue more generally. The world’s largest global shipping association of owners and brokers is introducing a new contractual clause that won’t specifically address Ebola. The goal is to have a generic charter-party clause that has “a long shelf life,” a BIMCO official told Reuters.

No matter the contract language, Ebola-based claims could be difficult to assess since adjusters may be restricted from the site of loss due to disease transmission concerns. If contracts are vague, assignment of liability for losses could be convoluted and lead to legal disputes.

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