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eBond is Here!

On Sunday, Roanoke was one of the first sureties to submit an eBond through FastBond™! We now welcome you to use FastBond™ to process your first-ever eBond!

Key points for getting started:

  • Read the latest CBP Policies and Procedures for eBond. These are the procedures of record until further notice by CBP.
  • Continue to use FastBond™ to issue your bonds and contact Roanoke to process riders and terminations.
  • NEW: Look for the “My Issuing Authority” link on the left bar of the FastBond™ Issue Bond screen; notice that expanded authority on STBs for foreign principals has been provided.
  • We will also be conducting an eBond webinar tomorrow at 1:00 PM CST. We invite you to register for “Take 2 – See it for Yourself: FastBond™ is Ready for eBond” here.