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eBond Secondary Notify Parties (SNP)

Last updated on April 14th, 2015

As the trade adjusts to the new features of CBP’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), Roanoke continues to work closely with CBP and the trade to offer guidance on processing bonds in an electronic environment (eBond).

As of January 3, 2015, all continuous bonds and Importer Security Filing (ISF) single transaction bonds must be filed as eBonds via the surety or surety agent. Non-ISF STBs are still issued as paper bonds to the local port unless your ABI software developer has confirmed the entry data is processed as an ACE cargo release. Refer to Roanoke’s flyer, What’s Required? eBond or Paper Bond? for further information.

All customs brokers and self-filers with a valid filer code and access to the automated broker interface (ABI) have an SNP code or ABI Routing code. CBP has provided guidance on SNPs which is outlined below. Roanoke’s customers can input their SNP via their FastBond™ Account Settings page. Contact your Roanoke bond service representative for assistance.

What is a SNP?
An SNP is a party designated on an eBond that will receive updates regarding the bond via the Bond Status (BS) Notification. To be designated as a SNP, the ABI Routing Code of the party or parties to be designated must be transmitted in the eBond message (CB) or to the Office of Administration to be manually input on an existing bond.

What is an ABI Routing Code?
An ABI routing code is what CBP uses to identify a party on an electronic transaction. This information can be included on bond transactions sent to CBP; it is made up of a Port Code, Filer Code, and potentially an office code (making it either 7 or 9 characters long). For example, a valid ABI Routing Code could appear as 1234ABC or 1234ABC02.

Why do I need to supply an ABI Routing Code?
The ABI Routing Code is how ACE can tell where to send eBond status notifications – it provides CBP’s systems a single place to route their messages.

Can I get Bond Status notifications without supplying an ABI Routing Code?
No – as stated above, this is how ACE knows where to send the messages.

How do I locate my ABI Routing Code?
The ABI Routing Code is located on all electronic transactions sent to and received from CBP; however, it may be difficult to locate if you are not seeing the entire message. If you have difficulty locating your ABI Routing Code, you can reach out to your company’s technical staff, your software provider, or CBP ABI Client Representative for assistance.

How do I get designated as a SNP on my bond?
For bonds already existing in ACE: To add your SNP to an active continuous bond in ACE, or if the SNP needs to be updated, a request should be submitted to the Revenue Division Bond Team on letterhead and include your ABI Routing Code identified as the SNP. Contact your Roanoke bond service representative for assistance.
For New Bond Submissions to ACE: To be designated as an SNP on a new bond submission to ACE, simply add your ABI Routing Code to your FastBond™ Account Settings page. FastBond™ will transmit the ABI Routing Code to ACE as part of the eBond submission.

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