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  • Non-resident License: Texas


  • The Propeller Club of Chicago
  • Past-President: The Propeller Club of Houston

Robert S. Kielbas

Vice President, Global Development


Last updated on August 14th, 2018

Bob Kielbas has over 35 years experience in the marine insurance industry and is a Vice President, Global Development for Roanoke’s Chicago office. Bob’s responsibilities include managing the ocean transportation intermediary bond program, cargo insurance solutions and special projects (domestic and international). Since 2005, he has been involved with Customs Bond introductions and trade facilitation issues in Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt and Kosovo which have been funded by USAID. Bob has dealt with Customs modernization and trade facilitation at the highest levels of the public and private sectors in each of these countries. In conforming with ‘international best practice” standards, Bob has had the opportunity to introduce Customs Bonds to these countries. Each project has been successful and continues to evolve. This high visibility involvement has reflected well on the international capabilities of Roanoke and its partners, and acknowledges the international expertise and worldwide scope of Roanoke’s commitment to be a global insurance and bond consultant with the available assets to deliver results. Bob’s technical expertise is focused where Roanoke has demonstrated industry leadership for decades—on providing quality insurance solutions for complex transportation, importing and exporting needs.

Bob started his career working for Fireman’s Fund in New York in underwriting and claims for hull and P&I (ocean and inland) cargo, miscellaneous marine liabilities and yachts. He has headed a number of profitable operational ventures for Intercargo in the U.S. for the insurance agency, as well as for the marine underwriting side of the organization. Bob successfully operated the U.K. and Hong Kong offices for XL Insurance (formerly known as Intercargo Insurance Company).

Roanoke, a division of Roanoke Insurance Group and part of Munich Re Specialty Group Ltd., operates as a specialty insurance broker focused on surety and insurance solutions for transportation intermediaries, 3PLs, customs brokers and companies with supply chains, and is a leading provider of customs bonds, marine cargo insurance and ATA Carnets for the industry.

There are no problems in international transit insurance—just opportunities for creative solutions.

– Bob Kielbas