• Illinois

Kelli Arsovski

ATA Carnet Service Manager


Last updated on September 23rd, 2019

Kelli began her career at Roanoke in 2006. As ATA Carnet Service Manager, she prides herself on providing excellent customer satisfaction with consistent and friendly communication. Her industry experience has helped her become a source of knowledge for her clients – business relationships built on trust, loyalty and follow through.

With a degree in Office Technology, an Illinois Resident Producer license and continuing education within the insurance field, Kelli has the education to efficiently and independently provide a level of service that is expected by Roanoke clients. Her knowledge and background coupled with her optimism to adapt to change helped Kelli develop her ability to quickly create solutions for her client needs. Kelli is willing to go the extra length to meet her client’s expectations and will continue to do so as she grows with the organization.

Roanoke, a division of Roanoke Insurance Group and part of Munich Re Specialty Group Ltd., operates as a specialty insurance broker focused on surety and insurance solutions for transportation intermediaries, 3PLs, customs brokers and companies with supply chains, and is a leading provider of customs bonds, marine cargo insurance and ATA Carnets for the industry.