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Can an ATA Carnet be Extended?

Last updated on January 15th, 2020

An ATA Carnet Bond is only valid for up to 12 full months from the date of issuance. This means, goods can be exported and reimported as many times as necessary within that one year period. An ATA Carnet cannot usually be extended on the original carnet, but there are some cases where member countries will allow an additional year for goods to stay in their country. The additional time requires a Replacement ATA Carnet, and this document must be accepted and filed before the original 12-month period expires.


In the event that a Replacement Carnet is needed, it is imperative to start this application as early as possible or as soon as you realize the original ATA Carnet expiration date will not be met. Since technically, an ATA Carnet cannot be extended, the Replacement Carnet MUST be applied for prior to the expiration date of the original documentation. The initial expiration date can be easily found on the green cover.


There are some member countries that do not allow items to stay a full 12 months within their economy. These countries specifically state the length of period goods are allowed to stay on the white importation counterfoil. Just a few of these countries include:

  1. Mexico
  2. Singapore
  3. Malaysia
  4. Korea
  5. China

A Replacement Carnet is typically issued to extend the period of time goods can stay in a specific member country’s economy past the initial 12 months. Not all  countries accept Replacement ATA Carnets, so it’s important to know the rules for each country you plan to export goods to and from. Explore a full list of ATA Carnet member countries here.


Also referred to as Extension ATA Carnets, a Replacement Carnet is considered a brand new document and thus requires a new security deposit.


General List ValueNew Fee
$1 - $9,999$235
$10,000 - $49,999$280
$50,000 - $149,999$340
$150,000 - $399,999$385
$400,000 - $999,999$435
Over $1,000,000$475


There are other fees also associated with a Replacement ATA Carnet which include the following:

  1. Replacement Application Fee – $275
  2. Replacement Activation Fee – $175
  3. Shipping and Handling – TBD
  4. Domestic Delivery – $20
  5. Foreign Address Delivery – $40+

If an ATA Carnet issued in the US expires before you get approval on a Replacement ATA Carnet, there are no penalties or duties assessed by the United States. However, it is important to be aware that there could be penalties issued by a foreign government if the Carnet expired before the goods were exported from that country.


If an ATA Carnet is lost, stolen or damaged throughout the course of the 12 months, it is necessary to obtain a Duplicate Carnet. A Duplicate Carnet will not change the expiration date or extend the terms. It will still only be valid for the original 12-month period that was on the green cover of the first version of the document.


Please consult your ATA Carnet Help Desk for further details. Contact us at 1.800.CARNETS (1.800.227.6387) or by email


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