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GOAL!!!! – ATA Carnets & FIFA 2018 World Cup

World Cup Fever is almost upon us! Starting June 14 and running until July 15, the FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia. The good news for the trade industry is that the Russian National Guarantee Association has declared that sports equipment and broadcasting equipment, intended specifically for the FIFA World Cup, may be temporarily imported under ATA Carnet as Professional Equipment. The FIFA World Cup is the most watched sports event in the world, and the ATA Carnet is the best method for media companies to bring broadcasting equipment into and out of Russia. For complete details on how to enter items into Russia for the FIFA World Cup, please consult the 2018 FIFA World Cup Customs and Freight Forwarding Manual. This manual addresses customs matters including customs declaration and other questions connected with entering items for this global event. When preparing your ATA Carnet for entry into Russia we recommend the following: Select Professional Equipment as the intended use type. Notate in the importation voucher box F. b) declare that the said goods are intended for use at: FIFA 2018 World Cup. Pictures of the goods should be attached to the ATA Carnet. You can submit your photos to your ATA Carnet Help Desk via email. We will stamp printed copies with the guarantee association seal and ATA Carnet number and include these along with your ATA Carnet. The General List should be as clearly described as possible include any and all unique identifying characteristics for example but not limited to model number, brand name, and serial number. We recommend you include a Russian translation of the General List along with the ATA Carnet at time of customs clearance. We can stamp this translation with guarantee association’s seal along with the photos. If you need any assistance with assembling the general list, any of the recommendations above or obtaining your 2018 FIFA World Cup ATA Carnet, please contact your ATA Carnet Help Desk 1.800.Carnets (1.800.227.6387) or