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ATA Carnet FAQ

Last updated on November 18th, 2019

All your US issued ATA Carnet Questions Answered. See our Foreign ATA Carnets with US Customs and Border Protection for questions about goods brought into the United States using a foreign ATA Carnet.

1. What is an ATA Carnet?

2. What type of Customs entry is an ATA Carnet?

3. Which countries accept ATA Carnets?

4. Why is Taiwan treated differently?

5. What qualifies as an ATA Carnet shipment?

6. What goods cannot go on an ATA Carnet?

7. Are there any alternatives to an ATA Carnet for temporary exports?

8. Why would one choose to use an ATA Carnet over the other options?

9. How do I obtain an ATA Carnet?

10. Why do I have post a security deposit?

11. What is an ATA Carnet Bond?

12. Who are the parties to the ATA Carnet?

13. Who is authorized to present the ATA Carnet to customs for clearance?

14. Is a Power of Attorney needed to present an ATA Carnet to Customs?

15. How long is an ATA Carnet valid for?

16. Can an ATA Carnet be extended?

17. Does US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) accept Replacement (Extension) Carnets for Foreign Carnets in the US?

18. What happens if the ATA Carnet document is lost?

19. What is Lost Document Coverage?

20. How does the ATA Carnet work?

21. Are ATA Carnets exempt from Participating Government Agency export/import requirements?

22. How are Fish and Wildlife Services licenses handled on importation?

23. How are DTCC Licenses (DSP-73 and DSP 61) decremented when imported into the US on an ATA Carnet?

24. Are Split or Partial Shipments possible on an ATA Carnet?

25. What is an ATA Carnet Claim?

26. What constitutes substantial Proof?

27. What happens if the goods are stolen while in a foreign country on an ATA Carnet?

28. What is ATA Carnet Cargo Insurance?

29. What happens to the ATA Carnet after its final use?

30. Where do I send my ATA Carnet when I am finished using it?

31. How did the ATA Carnet get started?